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Best Golf Balls For Novice Players - How To Pick The Right One?

As a new player in the game of golf, it is important to understand that not all equipment will work to your best advantage. As much as the most focus should be on the clubs, the golf balls you use as a beginner in your game also make a lot of difference. In other words, it is highly important to know the right ball for your style and your skill level in the game. But as a beginner in the game what are some of the important considerations that one should look at when choosing a golf ball set? Here’s what to look for in the best golf balls for novice players.

Best Golf Balls For Novice Players - 4 Tips

1. Ball Dimples

One of the most conspicuous characteristics of a golf ball is its surface, which is dented with 300 to 500 dimples. Each of these dimples is about 0.01 inches deep on the surface. The main purpose of the dimples is that they help the ball travel far when hit using a club. When you hit the ball up high, air clings on the dimples as it passes from front to back. This helps reduce the drag while increasing the lift. Dimples thus help increase the distance to which you can hit the ball in comparison to a smooth ball. However, the dimples can take a round or hexagonal shape depending on the type and brand of the ball. When buying a golf ball set as a novice player, always make sure that the balls are well dented with dimples, especially round dimples.

2. Construction

The other important factor to consider when selecting a golf ball is the construction. Basically, the decision based on ball construction should be influenced by the style of your game. There are basically five types of golf balls based on their construction. These include the following:

• One Piece
• Two Piece
• Three Piece
• Four Piece
• Five Piece

The numbers normally refer to the number of layers the ball is covered with and how complex its construction has been made. The number of layers affects distance, durability, weight, and control of the ball by the player. Each of the layers may also be constructed of a different material, say soft rubber, solid rubber, and metallic components. A one-piece golf ball is also easier to lose compared to a four or five-piece ball and is therefore suited for short distance shots. As a beginner, your golf ball set should at least several of each of these balls, especially since many sets today come with a dozen balls in total.

3. Compression

Compression is the other factor to consider when choosing beginner golf balls. Compression refers to how much the ball is able to compress against the face of the golf club when it is hit. This affects the distance traveled by the ball, as higher compression levels translate to higher distances traveled. Balls with lesser compression are better suited for novice players.

4. The Spin

Last but not the least; you would want to consider the spin when choosing a golf ball for a beginner player. In essence, different golf balls are designed to accommodate the needs of the player when it comes to the spin. The 3 main types based on this factor include:

• Low Spin: The low spin ball is designed to reduce the spin created upon impact with the club. The result of this is that the hit ball tends to take a straighter course and it rolls more upon landing on the ground. This ball can be better suited for players whose shots slice the ball and they need more distance.

• Mid Spin: The mid spin ball is actually the standard golf ball that is suitable for most golfing conditions. This is because it combines the characteristics of both the high spin and the low spin balls.

• High Spin: Just as you can tell from the name, these are the balls that spin the most. With this type of ball, you have better control but they don’t travel distances as long as low spin balls.

With the above considerations, choosing the best golf balls for novice players will definitely be less daunting for you.

Best Golf Balls For Novice Players - Product Examples

1: Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls, Pack of 12
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2: Snell Golf Get Sum Optic Yellow- 1 Dozen Golf Balls
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